K9 R&R Pet Retreat

Meet The Owner


Meet Alissa, owner

Alissa's passion for animals never really "began". The passion she has, has always been in her heart and grows stronger every day.

As a child, her mother noticed the connection she had with all animals that crossed her path. Unfortunately, Alissa was allergic to all animals with fur.  She knew she wanted to follow her dream into animal care as she grew up, so her mother administered allergy shots once a week. Luckily, Alissa is now able to care for the animals without any reaction.

Alissa gained her Associates in Animal Care and Management in 2014. She is also certified in Animal Control and Animal Husbandry. She is certified in small animal first aid and CPR as well.

She is involved daily in the front and back end of the business, and has a special bond with each pet that stays at R&R. She has a great success rate working with dogs with special needs and behavioral issues- from basic training to people aggression.  She specializes in those who are shy, fearful, anxious, and reactive. Alissa has never turned away anyone and welcomes any pet to K9 R&R.