K9 R&R Pet Retreat


We believe that physical activity is important to a healthy, happy pet. 

We have options that will get your dog's energy out and allow them to have fun with staff or other dogs.

Nature Walk

  • Regular (10min) =$9 per walk
  • Extended (20 minutes) =$15 per walk
  • Your dog will enjoy a walk around the vicinity of the property in the country air

  • They will be harnessed and double leashed for safety


  • Regular (15 min)= $9 per session
  • Extended (25 min)= $15 per session
  • Your dog will enjoy romping around, playing fetch, or just sunbathing in a large fenced in grass yard.

  • This is with a staff member only, no other dogs unless from the same family

Group Play

  • $14 per session
  • Your dog will enjoy playing and running around with a group of other dogs
  • Groups are determined by age, size, and temperament
  • To be eligible, males must be neutered and females must be spayed



  • Oral/topical- $6 per day (if medication is in bag of food already, there will be no charge)
  • Sub Q- $10 per day


  • $5 per day to feed our food

Frozen Filled Bones

  • $8 per bone
  • Filled with your dog's choice of hot dog, cheese, peanut butter, fruit, cream cheese, etc. Can be given after any meal or at bedtime. 
  • Alleviates boredom & anxiety. Relaxing
  • Good for dental hygiene

After 12pm

  • Because we charge by the night like a hotel, picking up any day after 12pm results in an after 12pm fee- $20

After Hours Pick Up/Drop Off 10 mins or more early/late 

  • Late checkin/out- $45
  • Must be approved by manager ahead of time
  • We can accommodate up until 8pm

Holiday Pick Up/Drop Off:

  • Checking in or out on a holiday- $75
  • Must be approved by manager ahead of time.
  • Time of day may be limited

Late Night Potty Break

  • Potty after hours at 9:30pm- $20/night 1st dog, $5/night additional dogs same family

Bathing & Nails


  • Rates range from $25 to $65 depending on length of hair and size of dog.

Nail Services

  • Nail trim- $25 (clipping)
  • Nail dremel- $30 (this is grinding the nails in order to smooth the sharp edges and get them shortened closer to the quick)

Taxi Service

Let us save you some time and allow us to either bring your pet home or to the kennel! Your pet will be escorted in a safe vehicle, with their music of choice and fluffy blankets. 

  • For pick up service, rates apply for round trip
  • For drop off service, rates apply for single trip


  • Under 5 miles- $8/mile
  • Over 5 miles- $5/mile
  • One additional pet rides for free! 
  • More than 2 pets- $1/mile per additional pet
  • *Number of pets allowed in taxi depend on size of pets