Group Play

1 hour session

Your dog will have fun making new friends and playing with a small group of other pups.

  • $12 for 1st dog

  • $10 additional dog(s) same family

Nature walk

15 min regular nature walk

25 min extended nature walk

Your dog will enjoy a walk in the country air on our trail. Individual with staff.

  • $8/pet regular walk

  • $13/pet extended walk 


20 min regular playtime

30 min extended playtime

Your dog will get one on one attention during a supervised outdoor playtime.

  • $8 for 1st dog
$4 additional dog same family
  • $13 extended 1st dog
$6 extended additional pet(s) same family

Other Add-on Services


  • Oral or Topical             $5/pet per day
If you provide your pet's medication already in the individual bag of food, there is no charge.

  • Sub Q                         $10/pet per day

Please bring extra supplies to ensure your pet does not run out during their stay.

After hours

  • Late night potty break         $15/night
Tell us what time your pet goes out after 6pm and we will give them an extra potty break.

  • Late check in or out                       $15
If you need to drop off or pick up after hours, we can accomodate.

Bathing​ & Nail Service

  • Please contact us for bathing rates

  • Nail trim only                                   $20

  • Nail trim added to bath                    $15

  • Nail dremel only                               $25
  • Nail dremel added to bath                $20
  • Anal glands                                      $10


  • If you prefer for us to feed your pet our food, we provide high quality dog and cat food                          

                                                     $5/pet per day

Pet Taxi Service

Are you pressed for time before or after your trip? Let us help by bringing your pet(s) to or from K9 R&R. They will be transported in a clean and safe vehicle. *With their choice of soft music! Pick up or take home services can be applied for dayboarding or overnight boarding. 

For pick up service: rates apply for round trip

For drop off service: rates apply for single trip


Up to 10 miles: $3/mile

Over 10 miles: $2.50/mile

1 additional pet rides for free! If you have 3 or more pets, each additional pet is $0.50/mile.

*Number of pets allowed in taxi will vary depending on size of pets