Group Play

1 hour session

Your dog will have fun making new friends and playing with a small group of other pups.

  • $12 for 1st dog

  • $10 additional dog(s) same family

Nature walk

regular- 15 mins

extended- 25 mins

Your dog will enjoy a walk in the country air on our trail. Individual with staff.

  • $8/pet regular walk

  • $13/pet extended walk 


20 min regular playtime

30 min extended playtime

Your dog will get one on one attention during a supervised outdoor playtime.

  • $8 for 1st dog
$4 additional dog same family
  • $13 extended 1st dog
$10 extended additional pet(s) same family

Other Add-on Services


  • Oral or Topical             $5/pet per day
If you provide your pet's medication already in the individual bag of food, there is no charge.

  • Sub Q                         $10/pet per day

Please bring extra supplies to ensure your pet does not run out during their stay.

After hours

  • Late night potty break         $15/night
Between 6pm-9pm. If your dog needs to go out later than 6pm. 

  • Late check in / check out       $30  1 hr late
  • Late check in / check out       $50  2 hrs late
If you need to drop off or pick up after hours, we can accomodate. No check in / check out after 8pm on any day.

Bathing​ & Nail Service

  • Please contact us for bathing rates

  • Nail trim only                               $20

  • Nail trim added to bath                $15

  • Nail dremel only                           $25
  • Nail dremel added to bath            $20
  • Anal glands                                  $10


  • If you prefer for us to feed your pet our food, we provide high quality dog and cat food                                  $5/pet per day  
  • Frozen filled bones: Available after breakfast, midday, and bedtime. Filled with your dog's favorite food items! Great for soothing anxiety, boredom, and stress. Cleans plaque, burns excess energy, and overall pleases a natural chewing habit for dogs.                                   $5/bone                                          


Pet Taxi Service

Are you pressed for time before or after your trip? Let us help by bringing your pet(s) to or from K9 R&R. They will be transported in a clean and safe vehicle. *With their choice of soft music! Pick up or take home services can be applied for dayboarding or overnight boarding. 

For pick up service, rates apply for round trip

For drop off service, rates apply for single trip


Up to 10 miles: $3/mile

Over 10 miles: $2.50/mile

1 additional pet rides for free! If you have 3 or more pets, each additional pet is $0.50/mile.

*Number of pets allowed in taxi will vary depending on size of pets