K9 R&R Pet Retreat

Information Needed to Know Before The Stay

Prior to your pet's stay with us, we offer one free daycare trial. This trial may be beneficial to some pets who have never boarded before. It gives  us a chance to get to know your pet, allowing your pet to learn our daily routine, and any questions can be addressed at the end of the day.

When it comes time to stay overnight, your pet will know us as a safe place, and that they will be returning home afterwards. The trial should be set up within 2 weeks prior to the check in day of the overnight boarding.

An overnight boarding reservation must be in place to reserve a daycare trial.

  • We recommend to bring your pet's own food. This ensures a happy belly and they will eat what they are used to. If you prefer to feed our food, it is  $5/day.
  • Please bring your pet's food in individual ziploc bags for each meal. This allows us to know that your pet will have enough for their stay. 
  • You are welcome to bring treats, bones, toys, etc. Providing your pet with a bed or blankets from home is beneficial because of the smell of home. It comforts them to know they are with their own belongings. *We try to return all items but we are not liable for any torn up or lost items.

  • Prior to your pet's stay, we will need proof of vaccinations. If your dog is staying with us, we need documentation for:
  1. Distemper/Parvo
  2. Rabies
  3. Bordetella
  • If your cat is staying with us, we need documentation for:
  1. Rabies
  2. FVRCP