K9 R&R Pet Retreat

We Go The Extra Mile

At K9 R&R, we truly do our best to provide individual care for your pet. We make sure that your pet is comfortable, feels safe, is having fun, and has a great experience with us. In order to do so, we provide the best care possible.

We utilize music specifically made for the canine ear. It relaxes your pet for a better experience. Essential oils are used to calm, energize mental stability, and even out unwanted behavior.

We make it a point to keep your dog safe and healthy. 

  • All dogs are kept separate unless in the same family, or given permission by both owners.
  • Pets are always supervised.
  • Kennels are escape proof
  • We watch closely for any health changes.

Staff is knowledgeable in many areas of care. We are able to care for those with special needs whether they be pertaining to health or behavioral.

  •  Being a smaller kennel than most, we are able to pay attention to your pet and their individual needs.