K9 R&R is proud to partner with 

The Grateful Dawg training services 

to introduce

Board & Train Program

ENROLL BY MAY 30, 2021

and receive 20% off!

Have you ever wondered why your dog does certain things? 

Do you look at him and wish he could just understand what you wanted?

We are teaming up to give you and your best friend the proper tools that are needed for effective communication. During your dog's stay, they will learn to focus, use cognitive thinking skills, and respond appropriately to directions. Mental stimulation is vital to a dog's well-being. Set your dog up to succeed by giving them a chance at becoming more well-balanced.

Contact for enrollment or questions: [email protected]

  • Housing in a safe, clean, relaxing environment
  • Daily care- feeding, exercise, sanitizing of housing, medication if needed
  • Daily training sessions catered to each individual dog
  • Weekly updates on dog's progress
  • Pet taxi service available- please contact for details


  • 2 week program
  • Covers areas of obedience, but not limited to: leash manners, basic commands, curving basic undesired behaviors
  • Specialized packages are encouraged- You and the trainer can customize the training to allow for the best outcome
  • Any age is welcome
  • Two payment plans:
      • Full payment up front: $1400 
      • Pay at beginning of each week: $775/week, total payment $1550


  • 4 week program
  • Addresses unwanted behaviors such as, but not limited to: types of aggression, ranges of anxiety, resource guarding
  • Specialized packages are encouraged
  • Two payment plans:
      • Full payment up front: $2600
      • Pay half up front, 2nd half 3rd week: $1400 installments, total payment $2800

After completion of our Board & Train program, you and your dog will receive a 1.5 hour one-on-one session with the trainer. You will learn how to continue maintaining their training so that your dog does not revert to old behavior.

Contact for enrollment or questions:  [email protected]