We Go the Extra Mile


Essential Oils 
  • Non-toxic essential oils are diffused into the air. We use a special blend to create a calm atmosphere.

Dog-Specific Music 

  • Played 24/7. This helps to relieve tension & anxiety. 


  • Staff sit with pets in their rooms, sing to them, massage & pet them.

Trained Staff

Knowledgeable Staff
  • There is no limitation to the care we can provide. We are able to care for those with behavioral issues, medical needs, and other special needs.

Individual Pets
  • Being a smaller kennel than some, staff are able to easily observe each pet's habits & needs. This helps us give individual care.

Health & Safety


  • We watch closely for any health changes. Staff have extensive knowledge of these changes and nothing is overlooked.


  • All pets are kept separately unless they are in the same family or partake in Group Play. 
  • All kennels & suites are escape proof. 
  • Pets are always supervised outside.

The owner of K9 R&R, Alissa Smith, started the business in order to provide a unique place that would be stress-free, serene, and a fun place for pets. Alissa is involved daily in both the front and back end of the business, and has a special bond with each of the pets that stay at K9 R&R.


She specializes in sensitive pets- shy, fearful, reactive, and anxious. Alissa's never met an animal that she couldn't help feel completely safe. 

Alissa graduated with degrees in Animal Care & Management Technology, Animal Control Services, and Animal Husbandry.

Fun fact: Alissa is very allergic to dogs. When she was younger, she received an allergy shot weekly for 10 years so that she could work with animals!